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by Evan Geesman

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The sun is bright and who knows how long we have been hidden from the light. Is this our first time outside or have we merely forgotten how the sun feels? Were we really that lost this whole time?
When transitioning from dark into light we are unable to see clearly until our eyes have properly adjusted. Geesman plays the generous host, laying out an enticing welcome mat in the form of the Terry Riley inspired opening track 'Testify'. Synths twinkle, strings conversate, hearts capitulate.
In his third LP, we see Evan Geesman both continue and elevate the sound established in his prior releases. Written over the last 2 years in a dilapidated building 10 feet from a train tracks, NEWAGESEWAGE is a story of a love lost and with that a mumbled eulogy for a future never realized.
As one song turns into the next, we sense the wistful recollection of a man cherishing a newfound clarity. Through tinges of sadness and sentimentality, this album's precious sound ultimately leaves us feeling more thankful for our lessons, than distraught about our trials.
Evan Geesman's heartbroken optimism is infectious. Nothing is lost for we have already found so much. Each moment a sunrise and a sunset. Plus, his effortless fusion of electronic, live, beat scene stylings, and lofi-house leanings are just icing on the cake of another day well lived.

Benson Edles
Dirty Merlin // GRN+GLD


released June 28, 2019

All tracks written and produced by Evan Geesman
Mastered by Wes Osborne
Recorded in a crumbling barn by the train tracks in Santa Ana CA

Sax: Patrick Shiroishi
Strings: Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess
Wurlitzer: Fred Garbutt
Prophet: Daniel Kristoff


all rights reserved



Evan Geesman Santa Ana, California

At the sound of the chime you will become aware of every hair on your body swaying in the breeze of my infinite yawn.


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Track Name: LCD
question, are you dog enough
to shake the life from out the rat
that used to be a good friend of mine
until she started biting back
dialing up the older you
in the cobwebbed banks of my mind
it’s like watching milk go bad
but still I pull it up all the time
am i going mad? draped in all these LCD’s
it’s coming through the speakers I can hear you talking to me
If I get drunk enough and close just one of my eyes
It looks pretty perfect love, you never need to say goodbye
Track Name: PARI
Track Name: ROSEBERG
we're falling like the fruit from the trees
but you can't pick it up
my insides are rotten with this disease
you can't pick it out

giving up the ghost to you
what you want right now ain't true

on a bridge in the middle
trying to meet you in the middle of
but you start to sweat when it comes to push and shove
and you lean on me
and I lean on you
but one morning we woke up and we leaned right through

giving up the ghost to you
what you want right now ain't true
Track Name: SYMMETRY
Symmetry, the same as me
I don't believe in symmetry
I swear i'll make it up
and you should do the same
its got me thinking of
last year was so strange
oh forgetful you
forgetful me
it's a new age
I’m sewage free
that awful look
good looking out
it slipped my mind
and kissed my mouth
I’m walking out on everyone
accept myself, my love is dumb
Track Name: BUPPY
Track Name: ENGLISH
what's really going on when your sitting at home
staring at the phone looking like
your touch of gold gone
your hearts all wrong
was it ever right?
so that's your burning question?
is there life in space?
lying on my futon
grabbing on your face
but that's just my opinion
I need to take another minute
think about what I’m doing
understand how you're moving

I aint trying to cha cha girl
and I don't know ballet
I don't speak that english, girl
I don't know what to say

I keep waiting for your call, it never comes
words keep coming out mouth you bite my tongue
I keep taking all your calls, just to cum
You keep running your mouth
I bite your tongue
Track Name: TURMERIC
Track Name: REDRUM
can you forgive what you love, what you like?
I’m so excited for the end of my life
I forget the way it feels
to feel alright
can you forget the way I feel?

you look ghostly
look at my demons
they’re so cozy
how am I following the plot when
I’m barely even watching
and all my misbehaving
the daydream is waiting
I'll go slow right now
I don’t ask for much
barely just laid down
blew off the dust
no I don’t know my name
no I aint seen that bitch
you can catch me at home
working on my shit

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